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Wear and tear system availability
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Welcome to A.B.O. environmental service !

We help to drive machines, commercial auto und trucks more cost effective.

More efficiency is economical and ecological useful!

Our Technologie reduces consumption, wear and enlarges lifetime!

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Technical Information:
Motoroil Bypass-Filter Systems & Hydraulic Baypass-Filter Systems

Oilcare with Mobile Oil Filtration Stations:
Filtrationsystems SN series (PDF-File)
Filtrationsystems ON series 180-240 (PDF-File)
Filtrationsystems ON series 300-360 (PDF-File)

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Lets do more for more machine-efficiency!

This can can happen whit your motor- or hydraulic-Oil: (click on the picture)

It is true that:

  • Modern aggregates and hydraulic systems do not work efficient without optimized filtration.
  • But in many areas the potentials and possibilities of filter technology aren’t complete known and therefore not consequently used.
  • 70 – 80 % of the problems  in hydraulic systems are caused by dirt in the systems
  • Extremely expensive breakdown times of machines and complex systems are simply accepted.
  • Components and hydraulic fluids are changed without knowing the reasons for the problem
    The consequences are very high operation costs and an enormous environmental pollution

More than 10 years of experiencs in the area of aggregate problem solving, maintenance and hygiene recommend ourselves for:

  • Airfiltration and - maintenance
  • Oilfiltration and - maintenance
  • Waterfiltration (separation of oil and water)
  • Lifetime Extension for Powertransformers
    => movie about power transformer lifetime extension - klick here
    => PDF about Lifetime Extension
    => For chinese information - klick here
  • Emulsion filtration and - maintenance

Use our experience to your advantage:

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Specific problem-analysis, troubleshooting and solution developement.

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